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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to wear HeartBug?

Your doctor will have enrolled you for 1 week or 4 weeks, depending on what is required.

Can I have a shower?

Yes, of course!  You were going to go for a month without a shower? Here’s how to do it:

  • Keep your stickers on – just disconnect your HeartBug. Leave HeartBug in a safe (and dry) place
  • Have your shower and be careful not to scrub your stickers! Pat your stickers gently with a towel to dry them.
  • Reconnect the leads and you’re good to go.

Is HeartBug waterproof?

No. That’s why you have to disconnect it from the stickers before you shower. Your stickers are waterproof and will survive a shower as long as you don’t scrub them.

Don’t worry about sweat or splashes or a few drops of rain – HeartBug can handle those.

When should I press the record button?

Press the record button whenever you feel the symptoms which are bothering you. This is different for everyone, and could be dizziness, palpitations, fainting, tightness, chest pain etc. Most people have “big ones” and “little ones” (symptoms, that is.) Go to the app after recording and tell us what you were feeling. Then your doctor can easily match what you were feeling to the recording.

You are in charge here – you have to press the button if you want to show the doctor what you’re feeling. All the recordings have a time/date as well, so you can go back to your doctor and say “The big one was last wednesday morning at 11am” and you can see exactly which one it was on the report.

It happened really quickly and I didn’t press in time

OK, here’s a little secret. HeartBug is actually recording all the time. When you press the record button, it will keep the last 40 seconds before you pressed the button and then start recording the next 40 seconds. So there’s no rush. You have up to 40 seconds to press the button and we will still see the start of your symptoms.

Also, if you fainted, there’s no need to wake up and quickly reach for your HeartBug within 40 seconds. It will have recorded it automatically as soon as it saw the problem.

Do I have to wear HeartBug all the time?

Yes, you do.

You need to have it on and ready to record whenever your symptoms happen. (If you’re not wearing it, you might miss “the big one you’ve been telling your doctor about” and you will kick yourself. The only exception is if you know exactly when to expect your symptoms (e.g. when talking to your boss), then you only need to wear HeartBug at that time.

The second reason is that HeartBug is actually watching all the time and will record things which are abnormal, yet you may not actually feel or be aware of. This often turns up important information and is very useful for catching things before they can cause problems later. You want to do that, right?

Also, wear it when you are sleeping. Sometimes things are happening while you are asleep and we would like to know what they are. You don’t have to wake up and push the button – HeartBug will do all this automatically while you sleep. Relax – there’s no microphone so we can’t hear you snoring.

When should I change the stickers?

No need. Leave them alone. Only replace one if it falls off.

If you get red marks from the stickers, you can give your skin a rest – just put the new one next to where the old one was.

How often should I send the recordings?

We want you to send every morning and every evening. The reason is that your HeartBug might have recorded something important and we would like to see it the same day. Don’t leave it in the Bug for a few days before sending! Send it to us and let our cardiologists have a look.

Also, you should keep the memory reasonably empty in case you get a huge run of symptoms and need lots of memory to record them.

Of course, if the memory is full you should definitely send straight away.

How do I know if the memory is full?

You will hear a really long and annoying 10 second beep and the red light will illuminate. This means the memory is full. Disconnect the leads and send the recordings over the telephone. Then your memory is clear and you can keep going.

How do I know what’s in the memory?

Disconnect one of the leads. HeartBug will make the “goodbye – I’m disconnected” sound. After that it will beep/flash to tell you how many recordings are in the memory. One beep = one recording. Two beeps = two recordings etc

There are 8 memory spots in total.

Is there a limit to how many I can send?

Not at all. In real life, we don’t really need any more than a maximum of 30 recordings. It will be very clear what is happening after about 5 or 10. However, we may extend this in the rare circumstance that you are unlucky enough to have multiple and various heart problems which require significantly more monitoring. Just kidding – you never really need more than 30. However, the trick is to make sure you have recorded all the symptoms you are feeling in the enrolment period.

I want to know what my recordings show

No worries. At the end of the monitoring period we will send a full report to your referring doctor. They will discuss it with you. Unfortunately, we are not your physician and do not know your entire clinical situation so we cannot discuss results with you.

I’m feeling really unwell, what do I do?

You stop reading this and dial 000. HeartBug is a fantastic monitor, but all it does is record your heart; it can’t save your life. You need to call an ambulance and get some urgent care. And please – DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO PASS. If something is seriously wrong, you have to call immediately. Waiting could just make it worse. And you’re not being a nuisance either, the ambos love to save lives – they want you to call.

The guy in the video is really handsome…

Thankyou. We get that a lot. No need to call and tell us. And yes – that is his chest in the pictures. Sadly, he is already married and off the market. But you can feel free to show your appreciation with gifts of single malt whisky or dark chocolate. He loves those.